Our Services


  • Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) certified programs:
    • Employee Development Services (EDS):Up to thirteen weeks of individualized job readiness and/ or skills training offered in both group and individual settings. 
    • Job Coaching Job Development:Individualized and more intense one – on – one assistance searching for and developing community - based employment, including any individual needs such as job analysis and determination of accommodations.  Assistance with job development preparation such as professional or functional resume writing and improvement of interviewing skills/one-on-one support with interviews. Assistance with the utilization of incentives such as tax credits and others that may be available on a more individual basis, as well as linkage to all resources available and advocacy for such resources to facilitate a successful transition to working. 
    • Job Coaching:On and/or off site support in community employment based on individual needs including specific skills training, transportation training, and personal support and advocacy, etc.  
  • Mental Health Vocational Programs (MHVP):
    • Pre- Placement: Eligibility determination and benefits review
    • Placement: Assistance obtaining long-term community employment
    • Extended Support Services (ESS):Long term ongoing support in every aspect of employment and the life choices which affect retention of employment for individuals eligible for MHVP services.